Questions about ATSBets and the ATS Network

The ATSNetwork is composed of 4 sites.  ATS Bets, ATS Experts, ATS Cappers, and ATS H2H.

ATS Bets main focus is to provide our visitors live sports news, original sports articles, sports scores and odds, and a general quick review of the network sites.  For more questions about ATS Bets read below.

Freqently Asked Questions about ATSBets

Q: What does ATSBets offer for sports handicappers?
A: ATS is the leader in online sports handicapping information. From the free fantasy sports betting contests found only at ATSCappers or the odds page and stats found at the ATS H2H matchup center, there is something at ATS for all sports minded players. Visit for more information on each of the ATS Network websites.

Q: What information can I find at ATSBets?
A: offers news, handicapping articles, the ATS Hot Zone, and more site information to help you easily navigate around the network. 

Q: What are ATSBucks?
A: ATSBucks are currency that is used to buy the different services that are available at each site. ATSBucks can be used to purchase games at either ATSExperts or ATSCappers.  Each ATSBuck is worth $1 and they can be purchased in the member's area. 

Q: What makes ATSBets better then other sports handicapping sites?
A: For a list of reasons please visit our About ATSBets page.

Q: Why do I have to validate my email address before I can become a member?
A: When visitors attempt to create a membership using a fake email address our customer support cannot contact that member if any problems arise with their account.  If a member forgets their login or password, they cannot retrieve it and would be forced to create a new account.  This creates problems for both our staff and the visitor alike.  Please note: we will not sell, trade, or send email to your email address without your permission.  All members are able to change their newsletter status in the members area of the site.

Q: What is the ATS Hot Zone and why is it on ATSBets and not ATSExperts?
A: The ATS Hot Zone is a snapshot of records of the top ranked handicappers found at ATSExperts. This allows visitors to quickly see which handicappers are hot so they can ride the winning streak.  

Q: Can I purchase weekly or monthly packages from the ATSExperts or am I only able purchase picks individually each day?
Members are only able to purchase picks individually on a daily basis to provide purchasing flexibility and pick preference.

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