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Big 12 Game of the Week - Free Pick
Gus Malzahn won't be within 1,000 miles of the final game played at Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco, Tex. this weekend, but no doubt his name will certainly be making the rounds. - 12/06/2013
Kansas City vs Denver ***NFL Free Pick***
The Kansas City Chiefs are the Rodney Dangerfield of the National Football League. They can't get no respect. Not only are they not getting respect this weekend as they head to Denver, they're getting a heaping helping of disrespect. - 11/15/2013
When was the last time a one-loss top 12 team in the country was a 23-point underdog? The points UCLA are getting against Oregon probably say more about the Ducks than they do the Bruins. - 10/25/2013
Free Pick of the Week

Before the season started, many assumed this weekend’s game between Ole Miss and Texas would feature a 2-0 team versus a 1-1 team. And, it will. Just not in the way people expected a month ago. Ole Miss upset conference foe Vanderbilt in week one, and with a cakewalk over SE Missouri State, they enter Austin with plenty of confidence.

- 09/16/2013
2007 World Series Preview
The 2007 World Series will feature one of the most storied franchises in baseball history and then there's the Colorado Rockies. It is almost unheard of that in October, the Denver Broncos are but an afterthought - 05/13/2013
MLB Baseball 2011
Baseball got off to an early start this season, with Opening Day seemingly stretching out for three days. Whether you agree with the logic of starting the MLB season on a Thursday - 05/13/2013
NFL Free Pick
The easy part of the schedule is over for the Chicago Bears. Now is when it gets tough. The Bears have run up a 7-1 record against mostly bad teams, having beaten only one team all year with a record above .500. The second half of the season will be against almost all teams with .500 records or better. - 05/13/2013
Eagles make big splash with Chip Kelly hire
The NFC East sure is going to be interesting next year. The division winning Washington Redskins sit and hold their breath while waiting to see if their franchise quarterback will ever be the same. - 01/17/2013
NFC Preview: San Fran vs. Green Bay
Aaron Rodgers is one of the most compelling players in the NFL. Not only because he is one of the league’s best three quarterbacks, a former MVP and a Super Bowl champ. Yes, those things make him great. But what makes him such good copy for writers is the incredible chip he carries on his shoulder. - 01/12/2013
NFL Free Pick - Bengals +4.5 vs. Texans
Just two weeks ago, they were inches from being home for the entire playoff run. Instead, they will get one chance in the cozy confines of home before possibly taking the road to wintry Denver or Boston. - 01/04/2013
Sunday Night Free Picks
The ton Texans bought letter jackets the week before their game with the New England Patriots. The media loved it. The fans Tweeted pictures. The Texans had some swagger. - 12/17/2012
NFL Free Pick
The Houston Texans are not getting treated like the best team in football. But that's the way the ball bounces in the NFL. After coming from behind late in a trap game against the Jacksonville Jaguars last week - 11/21/2012
Pac-12 Game of the Week
With the exception of a close game with USC, the Ducks have blown pretty much everyone out of the building with their high-powered offense, which leads the nation with 55 points per game. - 11/16/2012
SEC Pick of the Week
After dominating Georgia last week, it looks like the South Carolina Gamecocks are for real. This is the best team Steve Spurrier has had at the school, and his Cocks are winning with a ferocious defense and a classic Suprrier offense that can score in bunches. - 10/15/2012
Monday Night Free Winner
Could this be the last night of the Mark Sanchez era in New York? If the Jets don’t win Monday night, their chances of missing the playoffs will look very grim. And with the Indianapolis Colts and their pathetic defense on the horizon, it seems that would be as good a time as any to give Tebow a shot. - 10/08/2012
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